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  • The CPR West: The Iron Road and the Making of a Nation by Hugh A. Dempsey

-Reviewed by H.V. Nelles (pgs: 47-8)

  • Stumped: The Forest Industry in Transition by Kenneth Drushka

-Reviewed by J.V. Thirgood (pgs: 49-51)

  • Warriors of the North Pacific by Charles Lillard

-Reviewed by Kenneth Coates (pgs: 52-4)

  • The War Against the Seals: A History of the North American Seal Fishery by Briton C. Busch

-Reviewed by Donald G. Paterson (pgs: 54-6)

  • Tales from the Canadian Rockies by Brian Patton

-Reviewed by David Smyth (pgs: 56-7)

  • Ocean/Paper/Stone: The Catalogue of an exhibition of printed objects which chronicle more than a century of literary publishing in British Columbia by Robert Bringhurst

-Reviewed by Laurie Ricou (pgs: 57-9)




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