Book Reviews

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  • Duff: A Life in the Law by David Ricardo Williams

-Reviewed by F. Murray Greenwood (pgs: 62-6)

  • Growing Up British in British Columbia: Boys in Private School by Jean Barman

-Reviewed by Chad Gaffield (pgs: 66-7)

  • Letters from Windermere 1912-1914 by Cole Harris

-Reviewed by W. Kaye Lamb (pgs: 68-70)

  • Reforming Human Services: The Experience of the Community Resources Boards in B.C. by Roop Seebaran

-Reviewed by Vaughan Lyon (pgs: 71-3)

  • The New Reality: The Politics of Restraint in British Columbia by Warren Magnusson

-Reviewed by Mel Watkins (pgs: 73-6)

  • Sound Heritage: Voices from British Columbia by Saeko Usukawa

-Reviewed by Jean Barman (pgs: 75-6)

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