Book Reviews

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  • North American Indian Designs by Eva Wilson

-Reviewed by Judy Hall (pgs: 57-9)

  • Cedar by Hilary Stewart

-Reviewed by Margaret Seguin Anderson (pgs: 59-62)

  • The Tsimshian: Images of the Past: Views for the Present by Margaret Seguin Anderson

-Reviewed by Douglas R. Hudson (pgs: 62-9)

  • Early Maritime Artists of the Pacific Northwest Coast, 1741-1841 by John Frazier Henry

-Reviewed by Christon I. Archer (pgs: 72-5)

  • Above Tide: Reflections on Roderick Haig-Brown by Anthony Robertson

-Reviewed by George Woodcock (pgs: 75-6)

  • One Union in Wood by Jerry Lembke

-Reviewed by Christina J. Nichol (pgs: 76-8)

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