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  • Tahltan Ethnoarchaeology by Sylvia L. Albright

-Reviewed by Martin Magne (pgs: 59-60)

  • The Magic Leaves: A History of Haida Argillite Carving by Alan L. Hoover, Peter Macnair

-Reviewed by Joan M. Vastokas (pgs: 60-3)

  • Without Surrender Without Consent: A History of the Nishga Land Claims by Daniel Raunet

-Reviewed by Paul Tennant (pgs: 64-5)

  • Not Just Pin Money: Selected Essays on the History of Women's Work in British Columbia by Barbara Latham

-Reviewed by Arlene Tigar McLaren (pgs: 66-7)

  • Circle of Voices: A History of the Religious Communities of British Columbia by Charles P. Anderson

-Reviewed by Margaret Prang (pgs: 67-8)

  • The Politics of Canadian- Japanese Economic Relations 1952-1983 by Frank Langdon

-Reviewed by John English (pgs: 69-70)




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