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  • British Columbia: A Celebration by George Woodcock

-Reviewed by P. B. Waite (pgs: 66-7)

  • Wilderness of Fortune: The Story of Western Canada by James K. Smith

-Reviewed by David H. Breen (pgs: 68)

  • Green Gold: The Forest Industry in British Columbia by Patricia Marchak

-Reviewed by Peter Morrison (pgs: 69-70)

  • Mayne Island and the Outer Gulf Islands: A History by Marie Elliott

-Reviewed by Andrea Smith (pgs: 71-2)

  • Francis Rattenbury and British Columbia: Architecture and Challenge in the Imperial Age by Anthony A. Barrett

-Reviewed by Martin Segger (pgs: 72-5)

  • Gunboat Frontier: British Maritime Authority and Northwest Coast Indians, 1846-90 by Barry M. Gough

-Reviewed by Robin Fisher (pgs: 75-8)

  • False Creek: History, Images, and Research Sources by Robert K. Burkinshaw

-Reviewed by Patricia E. Roy (pgs: 79-80)




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