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  • W.A.C. Bennett and the Rise of British Columbia by David J. Mitchell

-Reviewed by John English (pgs: 73-4)

  • The Reins of Power: Governing British Columbia by Walter D. Young, R.J. Wilson, N.J. Ruff, J.T. Morley

-Reviewed by David E. Smith (pgs: 74-7)

  • Indian Art Traditions of the Northwest Coast by Roy L. Carlson

-Reviewed by Andrea Laforet (pgs: 77-9)

  • Alaskan Maps: A Cartobibliography of Alaska to 1900 by Marvin W. Falk

-Reviewed by A.L. Farley (pgs: 80-1)

  • The Box of Daylight by Bill Holm

-Reviewed by Leland Donald (pgs: 81-3)

  • British Columbia: Patterns in Economic, Political and Cultural Development by Dickson M. Falconer

-Reviewed by Jacqueline Gresko (pgs: 83-5)

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