Book Reviews

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  • The West Coast (Nootka) People by E.Y. Arima

-Reviewed by Alan D. McMillan (pgs: 68-71)

  • Haida Monumental Art: Villages of the Queen Charlotte Islands; Ninstints: Haida World Heritage Site by George F. MacDonald

-Reviewed by Marjorie M. Halpin (pgs: 71-4)

  • Papers on Central Coast Archaeology by Philip M. Hobler

-Reviewed by R. G. Matson (pgs: 74-6)

  • Trail of Iron: The CPR and the Birth of the West by Georgeen Klassen

-Reviewed by John A. Eagle (pgs: 76-7)

  • Forever Green by Hector Allan Richmond

-Reviewed by J.V. Thirgood (pgs: 78-80)

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