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  • Gold Mountain: The Chinese in the New World by Anthony B. Chan
  • From China to Canada: A History of the Chinese Communities in Canada by William E. Willmott

-Reviewed by Stanford M. Lyman (pgs: 85-8)

  • Waterfowl on a Pacific Estuary: A Natural History of Man and Waterfowl on the Lower Fraser River by Barry A. Leach

-Reviewed by Leonidas E. Hill (pgs: 88-9)

  • The Long Distance Feeling: A History of the Telecommunications Workers Union by Elaine Bernard

-Reviewed by Desmond Morton (pgs: 90-1)

  • Bennett II: The Decline and Stumbling of Social Credit Government in British Columbia, 1979-83 by Stan Persky

-Reviewed by David E. Smith (pgs: 92-4)

  • The Klondike Quest: A Photographic Essay, 1897-1899 by Pierre Berton

-Reviewed by Andrew Birrell (pgs: 94-6)




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