Book Reviews

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  • A Guide to B.C. Indian Myth and Legend by Ralph Maud

-Reviewed by Andrea Laforet (pgs: 75-7)

  • Fur Trade and Exploration: Opening the Far Northwest, 1821-1852 by Theodore Karamanski

-Reviewed by Kenneth Coates (pgs: 78-80)

  • The Nine Lives of a Cowboy by H. "Dude" Lavington

-Reviewed by David H. Breen (pgs: 81-2)

  • Vancouver's Fair: An Administrative and Political History of the Pacific National Exhibition by Kenneth Coates

-Reviewed by Margaret W. Andrews (pgs: 82-4)

  • The Boundary Hunters: Surveying the 141st Meridian and the Alaskan Panhandle by Lewis Green

-Reviewed by Cole Harris (pgs: 84-6)

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