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  • Gathering What the Great Nature Provides by The People of 'Ksan

-Reviewed by Arthur J. Ray (pgs: 69-70)

  • Boss Whistle: The Coal Miners of Vancouver Island Remember by Lynne Bowen

-Reviewed by Dianne Newell (pgs: 71)

  • Cattle Ranch: The Story of the Douglas Lake Cattle Company by Nina Woolliams

-Reviewed by George Woodcock (pgs: 72-4)

  • The Rainbow Chasers by Ervin Austin MacDonald

-Reviewed by Gordon R. Elliott (pgs: 74-6)

  • The Columbia is Coming! by Doris Anderson

-Reviewed by John S. Conway (pgs: 76-7)

  • Frontier Theatre: A History of Nineteenth-Century Theatrical Entertainment in the Canadian Far West and Alaska by Chad Evans

-Reviewed by Robert B. Todd (pgs: 77-9)

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