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  • Gentlemen Emigrants: From the British Public Schools to the Canadian Frontier by Patrick A. Dunae

-Reviewed by Jean Barman (pgs: 105-8)

  • British Columbia: Historical Readings by Robert A.J. McDonald, W. Peter Ward

-Reviewed by H.V. Nelles (pgs: 108-10)

  • Clifford Sifton. Volume One: The Young Napoleon, 1861-1900 by David J. Hall

-Reviewed by J.E. Rea (pgs: 110-1)

  • Distant Dominion: Britain and the Northwest Coast of North America, 1579-1809 by Barry M. Gough

-Reviewed by Richard Glover (pgs: 111-3)

  • Russia in Pacific Waters: A Survey of the Origins of Russia's Naval Presence in the North and South Pacific by Glynn Barratt

-Reviewed by Richard Glover (pgs: 113-5)

  • Maps and Dreams by Hugh Brody

-Reviewed by Thomas R. Berger (pgs: 115-7)

  • Log of the Union, John Boit's Remarkable Voyage to the Northwest Coast and Around the World, 1794-1796 by Edmund Hayes

-Reviewed by Sydney W. Jackman (pgs: 117-9)

  • The Egg Marketing Board: A Case Study of Monopoly and Its Social Costs by The Fraser Institute

-Reviewed by Karen Jackson (pgs: 119-21)

  • Canada's Urban Past: A Bibliography to 1980 and Guide to Canadian Urban Studies by Gilbert A. Stelter, Alan F. J. Artibise

-Reviewed by R. MacDonald (pgs: 121-3)




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