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  • Manlike Monsters on Trial: Early Records and Modern Evidence by Marjorie M. Halpin, Michael M. Ames

-Reviewed by Carol Farber (pgs: 53-6)

  • Old Trials and New Directions: Papers of the Third North American Fur Trade Conference by Arthur J. Ray, Carol M. Judd

-Reviewed by Richard Glover (pgs: 57-60)

  • The Salish People: The Local Contribution of Charles Hill-Tout; Volumes I to IV by Ralph Maud

-Reviewed by Michael Kew (pgs: 60-5)

  • Along the No. 20 Line: Reminiscences of the Vancouver Waterfront by Rolf Knight

-Reviewed by Norbert MacDonald (pgs: 65-7)

  • Schooling and Society in 20th Century British Columbia by J. Donald Wilson, David C. Jones

-Reviewed by Terry Eastwood (pgs: 67-70)

  • Songs of the Pacific Northwest by Philip J. Thomas

-Reviewed by Virginia Careless (pgs: 70-5)

  • The End of Russian America: Captain P. N. Golovin's Last Report, 1862 by E.A.P. Crownhart-Vaughan, Basil Dmytryshyn

-Reviewed by James R. Gibson (pgs: 75-8)




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