Join the Brotherhood!: How “Alpha Male” Podcasts are Targeting Men


  • Emma Marsales University of British Columbia


A recent upsurge of all-male hosted podcasts in North America has brought to the foreground an extreme type of content that focuses mainly on spreading misogynistic rhetoric based on contrived constructions of the gender binary. This paper explores the language used in the trending genre of podcasting, dubbed “alpha male” podcasts, to demonstrate how a “hegemonic masculinity” is constructed in (heterosexual) adolescent boys and young men, taking explicit advantage of a lack of positive male culture. Two trending “alpha male” podcasts– Good Bro Bad Bro and Fresh and Fit Podcast– reveal a campaign of sexist and bigoted content aimed towards teenage boys who are struggling to contextualize the world and their role in it. In utilizing “hegemonic masculinity,” these podcasts emphasize a practice that legitimizes men's dominant position in society and justifies the subordination of the “common” male population and women. In revealing these hegemonic practices, this paper aims to emphasize the alarming ferocity with which this content is targeted at young men with low confidence, and highlight the need for more online resources for men.