Narrative Comparison of Hospital Pharmacy Practice Between Three Canadian Provinces

Charles Au, Cindy San, Sara Ingram


In Canada, pharmacists share similar entry-to-practice requirements and professional obligations.  However, since the administration of health care services is a provincial responsibility, pharmacy practice in the hospital setting may vary significantly across these systems.  The objective of this manuscript is to provide a broad overview of the differences in hospital pharmacy practice between Canadian provinces.  Differences in health care system organization, legislation and regulation, technology, drug reimbursement, and education are described, by highlighting examples from Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario and discussing their impact on hospital pharmacy practice.  Pharmacists and student pharmacists across Canada are encouraged to appreciate the influence of systemic factors upon their practice and to collaborate on an interprovincial level to advance Canadian pharmacy practice.




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hospital; pharmacy; pharmacist; practice; province; territory; Canada; comparison; differences; description; British Columbia; Alberta; Ontario; scope; education


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