Acute flare of ulcerative colitis resulting in perforation and managed with colectomy: Case report and literature review

Daljeet Chahal, Tejbir Chahal


We present the case of a 34 year old male with a previous diagnosis of ulcerative colitis who presented with an acute flare resulting in bowel perforation and pneumo-peritoneum ultimately requiring total colectomy. Acute presentation of ulcerative colitis is a potentially life-threatening medical emergency requiring immediate medical treatment to induce disease remission and address any superimposed infections. Complications of acute ulcerative colitis include bowel perforation and toxic megacolon, particularly after colonoscopy. Extra precautions should be taken when planning colonoscopy for these patients in an attempt to reduce the risk of such perforation. We outline the diagnosis, management and complications associated with such acute flares of colitis.

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