Vol 6 (2012)

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Editor's Note

Editor's Note and Foreword PDF
Jeremy Elder, Sarah Hansen, David Ley


Acknowledgements PDF
Sarah Hansen, Jeremy Elder

Neoliberalization, Privatization and Class Power

Aestheticization and Consumption in Advanced Capitalism: The Woodward's Redevelopment as a Landscape of Class Power PDF
Andrew Longhurst
Water Apartheid? A Case Study Examining Parallels Between Water Privatization in Neoliberal South Africa and Inequalities in Apartheid PDF
Brittany Morris
Accessing Vancouver's Privately Owned Public Spaces PDF
George Rahi, Andrew Martynkiw, Emily Hein

Geographies of Sustainable Development

A New Green Revolution: A Review of Agricultural Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa PDF
Knut Tjensvoll Kitching
What's in a Word: Contextualizing Narratives of Environmental Degradation PDF
Jeremy Elder

Urban Nature

Still Creek as a Water-Disposal Machine: An Archival Survey 1913-1988 PDF
Kevin Chan
An Exploration of Stream Daylighting and Urban Attitudes Towards the Environment PDF
Caitlin Sinclair

Geographic Information Systems and Science

Analysis of Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Triggering Mechanisms for the Imja Tsho Glacial Lake and Potential Effects on the Downstream Morphology of the Stream Channel PDF
Jordan Booth, Lauren Punt
Identifying Areas for Transit-Oriented Development in Vancouver PDF
Victor Ngo
Urban Development Impacts on the Sea-to-Sky Greenbelt: An Analysis of the Furry Creek, Britannia Beach, and Porteau Cove Master-Planned Communities PDF
Lauren Weatherdon, Jonathan Walker

About The Authors

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