An Australian Mathematics Educator in South East Asia: Globalization has Virtually Changed Everything

Allan Leslie White


The world of the twenty-first century is characterized by change and uncertainty that is usually given the name, "globalization". Universities have been exposed to increasing competition via the market place and some have embraced greater use of on-line teaching and learning technologies. Globalization has impacted upon the nature of work of academics in the interplay of global and local processes. In this paper the focus will be upon how an Australian mathematics educator involved in pre-service education responded to the challenges of globalization with a particular focus upon the move to virtual spaces. It will draw upon the educator’s research and publications in responding to the challenges. Research involving a Japanese teacher professional learning process implemented in Australia and Malaysia will be briefly used as an illustration. This paper presents the reader with an opportunity to reflect and judge whether the issues resonate with the reader's personal experiences and appear to be universal or are specific responses to the local context.

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