Teacher Training Curriculum Policies in Brazil: Possibilities of Wordsmith Tools

Clarissa Craveiro, Felipe Aguiar


Aspiring to contribute with research in the field of Curriculum, this article aims to make public the studies made with a big amount of curricular documents and the building of Corpus de Documentos Curriculares, a work that is present throughout the article. The text follows showing reasons to adhere to the use of such technology through a research on teachers’ education, presenting the software Wordsmith Tools that allows researchers to amplify the scope of their studies beyond a traditional reading, offering new possibilities of comparison and organization of the material. It indicates, still, possibilities yet underexplored of uses of these digital tools, and their possible contributions to the field of Curriculum and Education. In the end, it is highlighted the use of Corpus de Documentos Curriculares as a reference corpus in the field of Curriculum, a corpus of large size that is available to researchers.


curriculum; discourse; teacher education; wordSmith.

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Open Journal Systems. ISSN: 1449-8855