ICT Assessment in Teaching: Suggested Indicators for Brazilian and Portuguese Teachers

Caio M. G. Alcântara, Ronaldo Nunes Linhares, Fernando Ramos, Maria José Loureiro


When analyzing the assessment indicators used by international institutions such as UNESCO and OEI/Telefônica, about the presence of ICT in education, we realize that the quantitative dimension is privileged when it comes to software, hardware, as well as the existence of internet network in schools. This paper presents a set of indicators to evaluate the use of ICT chosen by teachers from Brazil and Portugal who took part in programs related to the use of ICT in their countries in recent years (Magellan/Portugal and PROUCA/Brazil). The choice of these indicators is the result of a research developed with teachers who works in the first phase of elementary school, in Aveiro and surrounding areas in Portugal and the State of Sergipe in Brazil. From interviews with these teachers, one questionnaire was built presenting a set of indicators to be chosen as relevant to evaluate the use of ICT in teaching pratices.


indicators; evaluation; ICT; teaching practice

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