Hate in the Classroom

Alan A. Block


What I want to think about at this moment is the teacher in the classroom, and I want to think about the presence and effect of hate in the classroom. I want to suggest that hate exists there, but not hate as it might be thought of as an emotion that exists irrationally as active antagonism—sometimes violently enacted¾between racial or ethnic or religious groups; or between boys and girls; or even between Packer and Viking fans. That presence I will refer to as rage that stems from anger! Rather, I am going to talk about the important and necessary hate (that also, indeed, stems from anger) that is experienced between teachers and students even as that similar hate necessarily manifests itself between parents and children. In the classroom, teachers exist in relationship with students, and so I think now to explore the nature of that relationship, some of which is obvious and some of which—the part I mean to consider here¾ remains significant but often unacknowledged.


Alan Block enters his 28th year in the Department of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Stout after teaching for eighteen years in the high schools of suburban New York. He has published eight books, numerous articles and book chapters on curriculum and teaching.

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