Growing Curriculum Studies: Contributions of João M. Paraskeva

William H. Schubert


William H. Schubert provides an interpretative context of curriculum history for considering the recent work of Joao Paraskeva and the commentaries and extensions of it by authors included in this issue. He begins by offering commentary on his life in the curriculum field. The historical context includes perspective on curriculum scholarship throughout the 20th Century, with special emphasis on ways in which the field has been reconceptualized from the 1960s to present, moving from focus on curriculum development, to scientific research, to a wide range of scholarly efforts, to attempts to be more inclusive of diverse contributions, to internationalization, and more. Schubert’s review also sets the stage for discussion of Paraskeva’s contributions by reviewing attempts by curriculum scholars to characterize the field’s status at different junctures. Schubert addresses Paraskeva’s inclusion of sources rarely used in Western, particularly US, versions of curriculum studies as part of a new characterization of curriculum studies that includes more ideas and practices from the Global South. In doing so, Schubert discusses Paraskeva’s contribution to the tradition of expanding curricular languages and substantive dimensions of study, along with possibilities for itinerant curriculum theory and valuable caveat of epistemicide, and notes on potential for expansion of these ideas.


William H. Schubert is Professor Emeritus of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Illinois - Chicago, where he was University Scholar, Chair of Curriculum & Instruction, Coordinator of the Ph.D. Program in Curriculum Studies, and a faculty member for 36 years. He is a Fellow of the International Academy of Education, a member of Professors of Curriculum, and in 2004 received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Curriculum Studies from the American Educational Research Association (AERA). He is author of 18 books and over 250 articles and chapters on curriculum history, theory, and development in and out of schools, had has consulted and lectured in many countries on these topics. Schubert has been president of the Society of Professors of Education, the John Dewey Society, and The Society for the Study of Curriculum History, and a vice president of AERA. Before his professorial career he was an elementary school teacher for eight years.

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