Canadian Journal of Higher Education

The Journal is a publication of the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education. It intends to publish manuscripts on topics that address and are relevant to the Canadian higher education system and its structures, processes, and community; and to promote research with international and comparative dimensions in relation to Canadian higher education.


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Vol 44, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


Lecture capture: An effective tool for universal instructional design? PDF
Susan Vajoczki, Susan Watt, Nancy Fenton, Jacob Tarkowski, Geraldine Voros, Michelle M. Vine 1-29
Liberal arts catch-up revisited PDF
John Goyder 30-48
Mapping disciplinary differences and equity of academic control to create a space for collaboration PDF
Lynne Siemens, Jeff Smith, Yin Liu 49-67
The inquiry network: A model for promoting the teaching-research nexus in higher education PDF
Marcy Slapcoff, dik Harris 68-84
The quest for effective interdisciplinary graduate supervision: A critical narrative analysis PDF
Kathryn M Hibbert, Lorelei Lingard, Meredith Vanstone, Elizabeth Anne Kinsella, Pam McKenzie, Timothy D. Wilson, Allan Pitman 85-104
Generals, colonels, and captains: Discourses of militarism, education, and learning in the Canadian university context PDF
Nancy Taber 105-117
When intentions meet reality: Consonance and dissonance in teacher approaches to peer assessment PDF
Ragnhild Sofie Sandvoll 118-134
Exploring levels of student-athlete burnout at two Canadian universities PDF
Nicole M Dubuc-Charbonneau, Natalie Durand-Bush 135-151
Partnering for economic development: How town-gown relations impact local economic development in small and medium cities PDF
Jennifer Massey 152-169

Book Reviews

Book review of "Rethinking Higher Education" PDF
Daniel W. Lang 170-172
Book review of "Using quality benchmarks for assessing and developing undergraduate programs" PDF
Jovan Groen 173-175
Book review of "Cheating Lessons: Learning from Academic Dishonesty" PDF
Susan Bens 176-178

ISSN: 0316-1218