No 232 (2017)

Meanwhile, Home

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Meanwhile, Home: Tinder-Dry Conditions
Laura Moss, Brendan McCormack


Laura Moss, Brendan McCormack, Lucia Lorenzi
Dale Tracy
Petra Fachinger
Evangeline Grace Holtz
Heather Olaveson
Kailin Wright
Nicholas Bradley


(Up)rooting Generations
Caela Gilchrist Fenton
Hath Not a Jew
MLA Chernoff
Life as a Feminist Academic
Christine Yao
Nicole of Birch-Bayley
The House Is on Fire
Ian Williams
What Has Been and What is Yet to Come
Benjamin Hertwig
Energy Fabulations
William Vincent Lombardi
Introverted and Extroverted Selves
Shane Neilson
Together in Exile
Natalie Anne Boldt
Rebel with a Cause
Susan Fisher
Dancy Mason
Letters from Iceland
Nicholas Bradley
Karl E. Jirgens
The Centre and Margins
Connie Teresa Braun
Canadian Herstory
Hilary Turner
Three debuts and a prequel
Emily McGiffin
Barwin and Bertin Make Good
Joel Deshaye
Emma Morgan-Thorp
Jody Mason
"All is made new"
Michael Benjamin Collins
Surrealist Statecraft
Carl Watts
Canadian Editing, America Pressures
James Gifford
New Terms, Old Concerns
David James Eso
Of Apes and Automobiles
Robert McGill
Andrea MacPherson
Parallel Lives
Andre Furlani
Martin Kuester
Collaborations and Collisions in the Canadian Vortex
Jeffrey Aaron Weingarten
Time and Place
Beverley Haun
Laurie Ricou
Corps à corps avec les astres
Daniel Laforest
Carol Shields and the political project
Bettina B. Cenerelli
Dorothy Freda Lane
Eloquent Elegies
Catherine Owen
Liza Bolen
Emily Wall
Ruth Panofsky
Fieldnotes: First Volumes
Kirsten Alm
Whalley and Jones: No “ramshackle thinness” Within
Marc Andre Fortin
Memory/Loss: Omnibus Review
Emily Anne Bednarz


Bill (William) John Howell
Jeremy Stewart
Chris Oke
Poems For and Seaside Town
Sam Weselowski
Five poems from Robert Hilles
Robert Hilles
Arleen Pare